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Bred Cow Sale

November 26@12:00 pm

Rick Mogk Boissevain

10 cows

Black Angus/Hereford with some Simmental background.  Homeraised.  Bred to a Black Simmental bull (Broken Oak Panzer 4D)  Bull turned out June 10.  All cows 5 to 7 years old



Russell Glover  Boissevain

10 cows

Shorthorn cows.  Bred to Shorthorn Bull.  Bull turned out mid June.

David Dyck Winkler

18 bred hfrs

Simmental Cross.  Some have 1/4 angus.  Bred to Black Simmental calving ease.   "High Roller" son.  Bull turned out May 1, pulled July 1.  All vaccinated with Tasvax 8, Triangle 10 Scourbos 9 and Ivermectin.

Decosse Land and Cattle  Crystal City

16 bwf and rwf hfrs Bred to Cranberry Creek Black Angus Bull

Bull out May 12

Vaccinated with Tasvax 8 and Express PreBreeding

Jean-Pol BlockX Pilot Mound

20 Red Cows Bred to Hamco Red Angus Bull Start calving March 1

Vaccinated with Express PreBreeding  Also vaccinated for Anthrax


Terry and Andy Keen Manitou

12 cows

Black Angus Cows bred Black Angus  Bulls turned out July 1  Been vaccinated with scour guard precalving every year.  Express 10, pinkeye vaccine prebreeding.  Most are heifers and young cows.

Dale Steppler Miami

4 Char hfrs bred Char

2 4 year old Char cows bred Char

2 Char cows  bred Char (5 & 6 yr old)

Bred for April/May calving

Lakeside Ag Acres Killarney

20 Black and Red Tan cows

Bred Black Angus Bull went out June 1

Express and Tasvax Prebreeding Had first shot of scourgard this fall.

Doug Wilson Pilot Mound

10 cows Reds bred Red Simmental

Bulls out May 14

Express Pre-Breeding

Alvin Jones Killarney

15 mixed cows

Mostly bred Black

Gilles Ricard Mariapolis

12 Sim and Sim/Angus Cows

Exposed to Red and Black Angus Bulls.  Bulls turned out May 5

Vaccinated PreBreeding with Express.  PrePasture with Pinkeye, Footrot, and Anthrax

VBP+ Herd

8 and 10 year old cows

Marcel Theroux Notre Dame de Lourdes

6 Sim  Cows Calving March to Early June

Bred to Sunville Dakota fullblood Fullflech and Magic Train red bull (Anchor D Westcot Bull)

Vaccinated with Express and Tasvax PreBreeding



November 26
12:00 pm
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